Young Thug’s Lawyer Avoids Jail Time After Contempt Charge

Brian Steele Young Thug

In a significant development in the high-profile RICO case against rapper Young Thug, the Georgia Supreme Court has granted bond to Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, after he was held in contempt by a Georgia judge.

This move came on June 12, just days before Steel was scheduled to serve jail time.

Background and Contempt Charge

Brian Steel, who represents Grammy-winning artist Young Thug (legal name Jeffrey Williams), faced contempt charges on June 7 from Judge Ural Glanville.

The charge stemmed from Steel’s accusations that the judge and prosecutors held an “unconstitutional” closed-door meeting with Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland, the prosecution’s key witness, without informing the defense. Steel refused to disclose his source for this information, leading to the contempt ruling.

Details of the Incident

The incident reportedly occurred while Steel was addressing the court. He argued that if such a meeting took place, it constituted coercion and witness intimidation, violating constitutional rights for the defense to be present.

Judge Glanville sentenced Steel to serve ten weekends in Fulton County Jail, starting immediately.

However, this sentence was paused by the Georgia Supreme Court’s intervention, allowing Steel to remain free while appealing the contempt charge.

The Ongoing RICO Case

Young Thug’s legal troubles began in May 2022 when a Fulton County grand jury indicted him on charges of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, alongside multiple gang, drug, and gun charges.

The indictment includes serious allegations such as murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Prosecutorial Claims

Fulton County prosecutor Adriane Love has portrayed Young Thug as the leader of the Young Slime Life (YSL) gang, alleging that for a decade, the group has engaged in violent and criminal activities in Fulton County.

During the trial, Love asserted that YSL’s operations have devastated the local community.

Defense’s Position

Young Thug and his co-defendants have pleaded not guilty. Steel has consistently defended his client, emphasizing Young Thug’s challenging upbringing and asserting his innocence.

The defense has also argued that the use of the rapper’s lyrics as evidence is both discriminatory and prejudicial.

Trial Complications

The trial has faced numerous delays and complications, including incidents involving defendants and legal staff, which have further extended the proceedings.

Among these issues are allegations of a defendant being stabbed in jail, a defense attorney’s arrest on gang-related charges, and attempts to smuggle contraband into the courtroom.

Next Steps

Judge Glanville has repeatedly denied Young Thug’s bond requests, citing concerns about potential witness intimidation and public safety.

As the trial continues, it remains one of the most complex and closely watched legal battles in Georgia, with proceedings potentially extending into 2025.

The legal community will be closely monitoring the outcome of Steel’s appeal against the contempt charge and its implications for the broader trial.