Tyrese Gibson Takes Legal Action Against First Wife, Alleges Various Charges

Tyrese and Norma Mitchell Gibson

Renowned singer and actor Tyrese Gibson has recently taken to social media to address ongoing issues with his first wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson, revealing his decision to pursue legal action against her.

In a candid Instagram post, Tyrese expressed his frustration, stating that he is tired of “living in fear” due to rumors and gossip spread by his ex-wife.

In his Instagram post, Tyrese declared his intention to address the situation publicly, citing the filing of legal documents in the Los Angeles courthouse.

He accused Norma of various offenses, including “Blackmail, extortion, defamation, death threats, tax evasion, forged signatures, falsified bank statements, domestic and international wire fraud,” as well as “money laundering.”

Acknowledging potential challenges ahead, Tyrese hinted at the racial dynamics he expects to face in court as a Black man.

Despite this, he asserted his determination to seek justice while refraining from sharing emotionally charged videos online.


Additionally, Tyrese is embroiled in legal disputes with his second ex-wife, Samantha Lee, whom he married in 2017 and divorced in 2020. The couple shares a daughter named Soraya.

The developments indicate a significant legal battle ahead for Tyrese Gibson, as he seeks resolution and justice amidst personal and legal challenges.