Video Footage Shows Yasmine Lopez Jumping Over Christian Wood’s Fence And Vandalizing His Car

Christian Woods and Yasmine Lopez

In the ongoing legal saga between Christian Woods and Yasmine Lopez, a significant development has emerged.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online reveal that Woods recently appeared in court and emerged victorious in his case against his former partner, Lopez.

This latest court appearance follows previous incidents, notably one where Woods detailed Lopez’s alleged actions of jumping his fence and vandalizing his car, as exclusively reported earlier.

Additionally, Woods recounted an encounter with Tee, a friend of Lopez’s, believed to be from the reality show ‘Baddies,’ while attempting to pick up their child.

Initially seeking primary physical custody, Woods ultimately agreed to joint legal custody. Furthermore, he was granted a stay-away order, mandating Lopez to maintain a distance of 100 yards from him until the subsequent hearing.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Lopez failed to attend the recent hearing. With her absence and the absence of any counter-petition against Woods’ requests, the court granted Woods a permanent restraining order valid until 2027.

Additionally, sole custody of their son, Kobe, was awarded to Woods.

The court order explicitly stated:

“The responding party was given notice and an opportunity to be heard, as provided by the laws of the State of California. There are no calls, check-ins, or appearances by or on behalf of the Respondent.”

This latest ruling marks a significant legal victory for Woods in the ongoing custody battle.