Tim Anderson’s Baby Mama Dejah McGee Arrested on Child Endangerment Charges


In a recent turn of events, Dejah ‘Lanee’ McGee, known to many as the baby mama of MLB player Tim Anderson, found herself in legal trouble over the weekend in Illinois.

According to police records, McGee was arrested on multiple charges, including child endangerment, driving with a suspended license, and attempting to flee police.

The news of McGee’s arrest quickly spread across social media platforms, with reactions pouring in from netizens.

The arrest record gained traction after being reposted on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, sparking a wave of comments and discussions.

“Running from the police with your baby in the car is wild,” remarked one commenter.

Another expressed disbelief, stating:

“So basically she was speeding & wouldn’t stop for the police… Had a baby by a married man only to end up in jail for child endangerment?? Lordt.”

Speculations about McGee’s personal life also surfaced in the comments section, with some users referencing previous controversies involving her relationship with Tim Anderson.

“I saw somewhere that her other baby father is trying to get custody of his kids from her. Tim should be ashamed for what he did to Bria and his family,” one user wrote.

Another user expressed a similar sentiment, calling McGee’s situation “diabolical.”

This isn’t the first time McGee has made headlines. A couple of years ago, she stirred controversy after reports surfaced that she was pregnant by Tim Anderson, who was married at the time.

The news caused a stir, especially after Anderson’s wife, Bria, shared adorable pictures of herself and her husband on Instagram, only for McGee to later post images of Anderson on her own Instagram story with the caption “baby father.”