Nvidia Hit With Trademark Lawsuit In Texas Over ‘Modulus’ AI Software

Nvidia Trademark Lawsuit Texas

Nvidia, the renowned chipmaker and AI technology giant, finds itself embroiled in a legal battle over trademark infringement with Modulus Financial Engineering, a financial-technology company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The dispute centers around Nvidia’s use of the term “Modulus” in its artificial intelligence software, which Modulus Financial claims infringes upon its own trademarks and could lead to consumer confusion.

In a move to protect its brand, Modulus Financial filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, seeking to compel Nvidia to cease using the Modulus name.

The company asserts that its brand identity, cultivated over decades of dedication and investment, could suffer harm due to Nvidia’s use of a similar name for its AI-related software.

Nvidia has declined to comment on the lawsuit, maintaining a stance of non-disclosure regarding ongoing legal matters.

Modulus Financial Engineering, with a history dating back to 1997, boasts a track record of providing sophisticated financial software solutions to industry giants such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs.

Notably, the company has integrated artificial intelligence technology into its software offerings, positioning itself as a leader in innovation within the AI domain.

Conversely, Nvidia has established itself as a global powerhouse in the tech industry, primarily fueled by the widespread adoption of its chips to power AI applications.

The company’s Modulus software, previously known as SimNet before a rebranding in 2021, serves as an open-source framework for the development of machine-learning models, further solidifying Nvidia’s position in the AI market.

The crux of the legal dispute lies in the naming of Nvidia’s software. Modulus Financial contends that Nvidia’s decision to rebrand its software as “Modulus” infringes upon its pre-existing trademarks, namely “Modulus” and “Modulus AI.”


This alleged infringement raises concerns about potential confusion among consumers and could dilute the distinctiveness of Modulus Financial’s brand identity.

In its legal filing, Modulus Financial seeks unspecified monetary damages and requests a court order mandating Nvidia to abandon the use of the “Modulus” name in connection with its software.

The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for both parties, influencing their respective market positions and brand perceptions within the AI industry.

The legal proceedings, filed under the case name Modulus Financial Engineering Inc v. Nvidia Corp, underscore the importance of intellectual property protection in the competitive landscape of technology.

Both companies have enlisted legal representation to advocate for their respective interests. Modulus Financial is represented by Maria Speth, Aaron Haar of Jaburg & Wilk, Robert Thornburg of Allen Dyer Doppelt + Gilchrist, and Jered Matthysse of Pirkey Barber.

As the case unfolds, it highlights the complexities surrounding trademark disputes in the context of rapidly evolving technological innovation. The outcome will not only shape the future trajectory of Nvidia’s AI software but also serve as a precedent for intellectual property rights within the AI industry as a whole.