Embattled Judge Jailed! Melissa Boyd’s Bond Is Revoked For Positive Cocaine Tests

Judge Melissa Boyd

Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Melissa Boyd was sent to jail on Wednesday, March 27, after her bond was revoked for testing positive for cocaine while awaiting trial on charges of coercion of a witness and harassment.

Elected in 2022, Boyd faces accusations of coercing her former campaign manager, Lashanta Rudd, to provide false testimony in an official proceeding.

Additionally, Boyd is accused of attempting to intimidate Rudd through her communications. Boyd has pleaded not guilty to these charges.

Boyd’s legal troubles began in May last year when she was suspended following allegations of threatening an acquaintance, using her judicial role to solicit money, and substance abuse.

Among the accusations was Boyd’s request for donations for a school in a social media post while wearing a judicial robe.

Despite being released on bond, Boyd was ordered to undergo drug screening and abstain from drug use. However, prosecutors sought to revoke her bond after she tested positive for cocaine twice in March and missed another drug test.

During the hearing, Judge Roy Morgan expressed disappointment at Boyd’s situation, stating that despite efforts to help her, it was “just not working.”

Boyd’s attorney, Arthur Horne III, acknowledged her struggles, stating that she “needs help” and is “not thinking with a clear head.”

Boyd’s trial is set for April 24, while the Tennessee General Assembly is expected to vote on April 4 on whether to remove her from her judicial position.

Under state law, judges can face legislative referral after receiving two public reprimands.