Lawmakers In Washington D.C. Are Pushing A Bill To Ban Diversity Efforts In Medical Schools

Black Students at the Medical School of John Hopkin's University

Lawmakers in Washington DC, led by Representatives Greg Murphy and Brad Wenstrup, have introduced the EDUCATE Act, aiming to prohibit federal funding for US medical schools involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

This bill specifically targets race-based mandates and DEI pledges in medical education.

Dr. Murphy, drawing on his extensive surgical background, has voiced concerns about the growing politicization of medical education and tools.

He sees the EDUCATE Act as a necessary step to prioritize medical training over political agendas.

Support for the bill comes from figures like Stanley Goldfarb, chairman of Do No Harm, who believes that focusing on politics in medical education could compromise patient care.

However, the bill’s future hinges on bipartisan support and Senate sponsorship, which remains uncertain.


If passed, the EDUCATE Act could have significant implications for diversity and inclusion efforts in medical schools across the country.

By cutting federal funding for institutions engaging in DEI practices, the bill threatens to hinder progress in addressing systemic inequities in medical education and healthcare delivery.

It may also perpetuate disparities in access to care and undermine efforts to cultivate a more diverse healthcare workforce reflective of the communities it serves.