Oregon Father Accused of Drugging 12-Year-Old Girls at Sleepover, Turns Himself In

In a shocking turn of events, an Oregon father has surrendered to authorities following allegations of drugging three 12-year-old girls during a sleepover hosted by his daughter.

The disturbing incident unfolded last August in Lake Oswego, Oregon, as reported by Oregon Live.

The evening took a sinister turn when the father, identified as 57-year-old Michael Meyden, served the girls homemade smoothies containing suspicious substances.

One girl noticed “tiny white chunks” in the drinks, raising immediate concerns. Despite objections from one of the girls, Meyden insisted she consume the smoothie.

Later in the night, Meyden was observed by one of the girls exhibiting bizarre behavior, including checking on the girls while they slept and moving their limbs.

Sensing danger, one girl texted her parents, pleading for immediate pickup due to feeling unsafe. The parents swiftly intervened, retrieving their daughter and contacting the parents of the other girls.

The next day, one of the girls recounted feeling “woozy, hot, and clumsy” after consuming the smoothie, eventually blacking out.

Subsequent drug tests revealed the presence of benzodiazepine, a potent depressant, in their systems, linking Meyden to the drugging incident

The disturbing revelation has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting an urgent investigation by local authorities.

Meyden’s surrender marks a significant development in the case, as law enforcement officials work to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.

As the investigation unfolds, concerned parents and community members are grappling with the unsettling implications of such egregious behavior.