Diddy Claims To Be A Victim Of Cancel Culture In Response To Gang Rape Lawsuit


Diddy’s legal team is fiercely fighting back against a sexual assault lawsuit!

Amid ongoing legal battles involving sexual assault allegations, Diddy’s legal team has intensified efforts to dismiss the case, citing violations of his constitutional rights and damage to his reputation.

According to reports from @allhiphopcom, Diddy’s lawyers have filed additional documents seeking the dismissal of the lawsuit, which accuses him, along with Harve Pierre and another individual, of raping a woman in 2003.

The lawsuit, initially filed by Diddy’s ex-partner Cassie, has been a focal point of legal contention since November.

In the recent filing, Diddy’s legal team vehemently denies the allegations, asserting that he was neither involved in nor aware of any misconduct towards the plaintiff.

They argue that the plaintiff’s decision to wait over two decades before filing the complaint has prejudiced Diddy’s ability to defend himself adequately.

Furthermore, Diddy’s lawyers filed a supplemental memorandum of law on Feb. 23, reiterating their plea for the dismissal of the lawsuit.

They stress that the case has subjected their client to unwarranted damage to his reputation, characterizing it as a victim of “cancel culture” before any evidence has been presented.

The lawsuit alleges that Harve Pierre forced the plaintiff to engage in sexual acts in a bathroom in Detroit before she was transported via private jet to Diddy’s studio, Daddy’s House, where she claims she was raped by Diddy, Pierre, and another unidentified individual.

As the legal battle continues, Diddy and his legal team are steadfast in their efforts to clear his name and refute the allegations brought against him.