Georgia Supreme Court Removes Judge After Attacking Police Officer

Christiana Peterson

The Georgia Supreme Court has ordered the immediate removal of Christina Peterson from her position as Probate Judge of Douglas County.

The ruling, effective immediately, also bars Peterson from holding any judicial office in the state for the next seven years.

This decision comes in response to extensive ethics charges brought against her by the Judicial Qualifications Commission, citing a pattern of misconduct throughout her tenure.

Peterson, who took office in December 2020 after winning a contested Democratic primary, faced a tumultuous term marred by numerous ethics allegations.

These culminated in her recent arrest following an altercation with a police officer at an Atlanta nightclub. The charges against her included allegations of pushing an officer during the incident.

Since September 2021, the Judicial Qualifications Commission had filed multiple formal charges against Peterson for violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Despite attempts to defend against these charges, including having some counts dismissed, a hearing panel ultimately found clear and convincing evidence supporting 28 counts of misconduct.

Among the most serious allegations was Peterson’s harsh treatment of a woman seeking to correct her marriage certificate, where Peterson imposed severe penalties without justification.

Additionally, Peterson allegedly mishandled courthouse security protocols, made unjustified demands for overtime, and engaged in hostile interactions while facing personal litigation.

The Supreme Court’s decision highlighted Peterson’s flagrant disregard for judicial rules and decorum, emphasizing a pattern of behavior that undermined public trust in the judiciary.

Separate from her ethical challenges, Peterson faces criminal charges of simple battery against a police officer and obstruction of law enforcement, stemming from the nightclub incident.

Peterson’s legal team maintains her innocence, suggesting that the circumstances surrounding her arrest were misconstrued.