Man With Suspended License Faces Embarrassment After He’s Seen Driving During Zoom Court Hearing

Corey Harris

A Michigan man found himself at the center of embarrassment after a video of his Zoom court appearance went viral on social media.

Corey Harris, 44, expressed deep humiliation after his courtroom blunder captured widespread attention online, admitting:

“What was I thinking?”

In an interview with WXYZ in Ann Arbor, Harris acknowledged feeling ashamed of his actions, particularly given his connections within the church and community.

His appearance on Zoom came during a hearing for a misdemeanor charge dating back two years, involving allegations of driving with a suspended license.

During the virtual session, Harris logged in from the driver’s seat of his car, a move that caught the attention of Washtenaw County District Court Judge J. Cedric Simpson.

Observing Harris operating a moving vehicle, Judge Simpson swiftly intervened, questioning the defendant’s judgment.

The judge’s rebuke prompted a moment of stunned silence from Harris, who soon realized the gravity of his mistake.

Subsequently, Judge Simpson revoked Harris’s bond, leading to his immediate detention for two days.

Judge Simpson, known for his no-nonsense approach in court, has gained notoriety for his firm handling of defendants, with several of his courtroom exchanges making rounds on social media.

Harris’s incident adds to a string of headline-grabbing moments involving the judge, underscoring the consequences of ill-advised actions during legal proceedings.

Reflecting on the incident, Harris attributed his decision to a family emergency, explaining that he was seeking medical assistance for his wife.

However, he admitted overlooking the ramifications of driving with a suspended license, stating his focus on his spouse’s well-being.

Moreover, Harris revealed a bureaucratic oversight regarding the status of his license suspension, alleging that the Saginaw Friend of the Court failed to lift the suspension as ordered by a judge two years ago.

Despite efforts to rectify the situation, Harris remains embroiled in legal complications, emphasizing the importance of vigilance when dealing with administrative processes.

As Harris grapples with the aftermath of his public misstep, his ordeal serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential repercussions of disregarding legal mandates and administrative procedures.