Tasha K Claims Legal Victory as Judge Allegedly Dismisses Kevin Hart’s Extortion Lawsuit

Tasha K and Kevin Hart-1

Tasha K, a prominent YouTuber and blogger, is celebrating a legal victory after claiming that a judge has dismissed what she called “bogus extortion claims” made against her by comedian Kevin Hart.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, April 24, Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, expressed relief over the judge’s decision, stating that her legal team successfully had half of the claims thrown out.

Addressing the ongoing legal battle, Tasha K revealed that her team is actively contesting two remaining claims concerning interference with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and defamation.

Despite the remaining legal hurdles, she declared that she would refrain from further discussion on the lawsuit’s “moral clause.”

Asserting her innocence, Tasha K stated that no one from her team had ever attempted to extort money from Hart, marking a clear vindication of her name in the extortion allegations.

The dismissal of the extortion claims, if true, represents a significant milestone in the legal proceedings, bolstering Tasha K’s defense against the accusations leveled against her by Hart.

Tasha K’s post reads as follows:

“So glad that the Judge threw out #KevinHarts bogus extortion claims, That’s his forever go to line these days it seems like. My lawyers made progress getting half of these so called claims thrown out today. We have two more claims we are actively fighting regarding interference with NDA & Defemation. But this is the last time I speak on this “moral clause” lawsuit!” Im just happy that my name was cleared on that Extortion! Because No one EVER attempted to EXTORT from my team!”

The lawsuit, which revolves around allegations of breaching confidentiality agreements and defaming Hart, has garnered attention in celebrity circles.

However, with the alleged dismissal Tasha K appears determined to focus on clearing her name and defending against the remaining legal challenges.

Tasha K has over a million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she mostly posts about celebrity gossip.

Kevin Hart’s team has not made any official comment about the alleged dismissal of the lawsuit yet.

In December last year, Kevin Hart filed a lawsuit against his former assistant and the YouTuber, claiming Tasha K allegedly demanded a six-figure payout not to publish what the actor claims is a defamatory interview.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on accuses Tasha K of spearheading a scheme to extort Hart out of $250,000 by threatening to run an interview with his former personal assistant Miesha Shakes.

According to the complaint, Shakes made false statements during the conversation that included Hart facing criminal charges over recording a sexual encounter.