Renowned Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump Lands Lucrative Fiction Deal with Bantam Books


It’s a groundbreaking move! Prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump has secured a seven-figure deal with Bantam Books to pen a series of crime novels.

This venture marks a significant expansion of Crump’s endeavors beyond the courtroom and into the realm of fiction.

The upcoming series will feature protagonist Beau Lee Cooper, a Black civil rights attorney navigating the complexities of corruption and injustice while celebrating the resilience of Black communities.

Drawing from his extensive legal career and personal insights, Crump aims to shed light on systemic issues while offering hope for a more just future.

“I feel it’s important to introduce a charismatic figure to the world who shows the realities of the legal landscape and the justice system through the eyes and experiences of the marginalized and the voiceless,” Crump is quoted by Variety. “A person of color who allows readers to step into an expansive universe of characters they may never otherwise notice or understand and, in the process, hopefully be inspired to broaden their perspectives and even decide to play a part in moving society towards true justice for all.”

The deal, brokered by UTA and Artistry Collective’s Cameron S. Mitchell, signals Crump’s continued expansion into the entertainment industry.

It follows his involvement in the acclaimed Netflix documentary “Civil” and his recent production of the documentary short film “How to Sue the Klan: The Story of the Chattanooga Five.”

With North American publishing rights secured by Bantam Books executive editor Jenny Chen, Crump’s foray into fiction promises to captivate audiences and contribute to vital conversations about justice and equality.