Elissa Best: 30-Year-Old Attorney Makes Boss Moves With The Start Of Her New Los Angeles Law Firm

Elissa Best

Elissa Best, known as the rockstar attorney and founder of Best Law, is shaking up the legal world with her unique approach to practicing law.

At just 20 years old, Elissa attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, making her one of the youngest students to graduate from her law school.

After graduation, Elissa embarked on a career with a well-established defense firm, where she represented high-profile clients, including professional athletes, public figures, and corporations.

However, despite her success, Elissa felt that something was missing.

Driven by her desire to advocate for the underdogs facing off against powerful entities, Elissa decided to transition to the plaintiff’s side.

Since then, she has been relentless in her pursuit of justice, successfully recovering millions of dollars for her clients.

At the helm of Best Law, Elissa has established a firm that prioritizes true transparency, authenticity, and humanitarianism in client interactions.

Her firm stands out as one of the few black and female-owned injury firms in the nation, representing a diverse range of clients facing legal battles against insurance companies, entities, and individuals.

Elissa’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring lawyers, particularly women and people of color, as she continues to make significant strides in the legal industry.

With her unwavering dedication and commitment to her clients, Elissa Best is indeed making boss moves and breaking barriers in the legal profession.