What To Wear To A Law School Admissions Interview

Congratulations on your selection to attend your law school admission interview! You may be well-prepared for the interview, but there’s one thing that you’re probably worried about: What should I wear to my admission interview? Of course, dressing dictates your first impression, considering that’s what your interviewers will see once you enter the room. Therefore, you should be wary of your dress code to make the right impression on your interviewers. 

In this post, we break down what’s appropriate to wear during a law school admission interview, including tops, pants, dresses, shoes, jackets, and more. We’ll also break down what you should wear in a virtual law school admission interview. Let’s go! 

Keep Your Tops Business Casual 

Whether it’s a blouse or a shirt, ensure it fits well and is not a low-cut. A cropped cardigan can also work well, but it should be button-down or zipped to avoid exposing too much of your skin. Casual interviews like this also allow interviewees to be slightly bolder with their accessories. Therefore, choose one or two pieces to showcase your personality. A watch or a simple necklace would be a good option. 

For your shirt, ensure that it’s buttoned and collared. A long-sleeved shirt is also a good option, especially if you plan to match it with your pants. Your choice of color varies with your overall outfit. If you decide on neutral-colored pants, jacket, or sweater, a brighter color like light blue or green would be a good option and vice versa. 

Your Pants Should be Business Casual as Well 

Khakis, chinos, and slacks are suitable pants for business casual. After all, they work well with different types of tops, especially with neutral colors like gray, black, navy, brown, or black. You can also wear jeans, but avoid ripped ones at all costs. A pair of black jeans would work, but ensure you make up for them with a brightly-colored shirt. 

Look for a Skirt or Dress with More Conservative Colors and Patterns 

Skirts and dresses are also appropriate attire for a law school admission interview. They allow you to choose an option that suits the time of the year you’ll conduct the interview. For instance, during summer, a loose-fitting skirt or a modest sundress would be appropriate. In the fall or winter, a straight A-line skirt with stockings should be okay. 

Whether you choose a skirt or dress, ensure that the hem falls higher than just above your knees and maintains respectable lengths while sitting down. You should also stick to neutral colors such as gray, brown, black, and navy and ensure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. 

Avoid Fancy Waistcoat and Wedding Suit Jackets

A law school admission interview is a fairly casual event that doesn’t require you to wear formally. It calls for a more business casual look. Therefore, instead of wearing a full suit, you can opt for a blazer or a professional sports jacket. You can also opt for a sweater, but ensure it’s compatible with your overall style and neutral colors. 

Wear Comfortable, Closed Toed Shoes 

Complete your outfit with closed-toed black or brown leather shoes like Oxfords or loafers. Casual loafers work well with chinos, but wear them with neutral-colored matching socks. They should not necessarily be shiny patented shoes but must be in good condition and comfortable. You can also pair them with a leather belt with similar colors to complement your pants. 

You can also look out for simple pairs of pumps or ballet flats and ensure they’re comfortable to walk in them. You can also choose shoes that match your purse or outfit, but ensure they’re not overly noticeable. Taupe or black shoes are both appropriate and safe colors you can choose. 

There are lots of wearing options you can consider that showcase a business casual outfit. Whatever you wear, ensure it’s neat, comfortable, and doesn’t overly distract your interviewers. 

What to Wear for A Virtual Law School Admission Interview 

If you are having a virtual law school admission interview, stick to the same dress code in an in-person interview, as discussed above. You may be tempted to avoid wearing some attires, like your shoes, but camera mishaps happen, and it can be uncomfortable if your interviewers find out that you’ve not dressed from the waist down. 

Besides your outfit, choose a neutral area that looks as professional as possible. Places like your home office or kitchen table are the best places to hold your interview if they have a blank wall behind you. If there’s no suitable place in your home, look for space in a local library or a coworking space boardroom.