Trump Posts $91m Bond As He Appeals Against E Jean Carroll Defamation Case


Donald Trump has managed to secure a $91.6 million bond as he challenges the verdict in E Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against him. The lawsuit stemmed from Trump’s denial of Carroll’s allegations of sexual assault, for which a jury earlier ruled that he owed her millions in damages.

Initially, Trump’s plea for additional time to arrange the bond was turned down by the court. However, he succeeded in posting the bond, seeking to put the verdict on hold while he pursues an appeal in a different court. Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, expressed confidence in overturning what they deemed a flawed judgment due to alleged errors made in the trial.

This legal battle traces back to Carroll’s accusation of sexual assault against Trump in the 1990s, which he vehemently denied. A jury’s finding of Trump’s defamation in relation to these denials led to a hefty financial penalty of $83.3 million imposed on him earlier this year.

In addition to the Carroll case, Trump is facing other legal challenges, including a fraud case where he owes over $400 million. Judge Lewis Kaplan, overseeing the defamation case, emphasized Trump’s delay in seeking a delay in payment, ultimately leading to the requirement of the substantial bond.

Trump’s spokesperson characterized the court’s decision as part of an ongoing “witch hunt,” echoing sentiments often expressed by Trump’s camp in response to legal scrutiny. However, the financial burdens resulting from these legal battles are mounting for the former president, with recent court rulings ordering him to pay hundreds of millions for fraudulent practices.

Despite these setbacks, Trump remains defiant, asserting his financial capability to handle the legal repercussions. In an interview, he confidently asserted, “I have a lot of money. I can do what I want to do,” suggesting that he remains undeterred by the financial strains of his legal battles.