Ex-Con Turned Criminal Advocate Accused of Gruesome Murder

Sheldon Johnson Jr

Sheldon Johnson Jr., a prominent advocate for criminal justice reform and former convict, found himself at the center of a shocking murder investigation after New York police discovered the dismembered body of 44-year-old Colin Small in his apartment.

Johnson, 48, was arrested amidst a flurry of media attention, maintaining his innocence as reporters gathered at the scene.

The grisly discovery unfolded when authorities responded to a wellness check at Small’s apartment in Highbridge, New York.

What they found was beyond horrific – Small’s bullet-wounded head and limbs were found stashed in the freezer, with additional remains scattered throughout the apartment.

Eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage painted a chilling picture of the events leading up to the discovery.

Building superintendent Orlando Medina revealed that a tenant reported hearing gunshots and pleas for mercy before the fatal shots rang out.

Surveillance footage captured Johnson entering and leaving the apartment, at times donning disguises including a blond wig.

Johnson’s arrest sent shockwaves through his community and family, particularly his father, Sheldon Johnson Sr., who believed his son had turned his life around after serving 25 years in prison for a robbery conviction.

Johnson Jr. had since become a respected client advocate for Queens Defenders, but the allegations against him shattered any semblance of redemption.

The motive behind the gruesome murder remains unclear, with speculation of a possible drug-related incident.

Johnson Jr.’s recent appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where he candidly discussed his past involvement in crime and his journey towards reform, added a surreal layer to the unfolding tragedy.

Now, Johnson Jr. faces charges of murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon, marking a stark reversal from his advocacy work and raising troubling questions about the complexities of redemption and recidivism in the criminal justice system.