ChatGPT-Maker OpenAI Hits Back At Elon Musk Criticism

Elon Musk is suing OpenAI, the company he helped create, claiming it’s abandoned its original goal of helping humanity. He says now it’s just focused on making money for its big investor, Microsoft.

But OpenAI is firing back, saying Musk himself supported the idea of making profits and even suggested merging with his own company, Tesla. They also say Musk wanted full control of OpenAI before he left in 2018.

OpenAI plans to fight back against Musk’s claims and has released some of his emails to prove their point.

Musk responded to OpenAI’s blog post on Twitter, telling them to change their name.

In Musk’s lawsuit filed in San Francisco, he accuses OpenAI of breaking promises made when they started in 2015. He also criticizes Microsoft, saying it’s turned OpenAI into a “closed-source” arm of the tech giant after investing billions in the company.

OpenAI’s leaders, including CEO Sam Altman, responded in a blog post, expressing disappointment in Musk’s actions. They said Musk inspired them to aim high but then started a competitor and sued them when they started making progress without him.

The blog post also refutes several claims made in Musk’s lawsuit, including his suggestion of merging with Tesla and his desire for control over OpenAI.

Musk’s lawsuit named OpenAI, along with Altman and other executives. The blog post from OpenAI aims to set the record straight on their side of the story.