Family Of Man Wrongfully Convicted In Robbery And Later Killed In Traffic Stop Files $16 Million Lawsuit

The family of Leonard Cure, who tragically lost his life during a Georgia highway traffic stop last year, has filed a $16 million federal lawsuit against the sheriff’s office and the deputy involved in his death.

The lawsuit alleges excessive and deadly force by Staff Sgt. Buck Aldridge, citing wrongful death, assault, and battery claims. It also accuses Sheriff Jim Proctor of failing to properly hire, train, supervise, and discipline deputies, thus violating Cure’s constitutional rights.

Cure, who was wrongfully imprisoned for a robbery he didn’t commit and subsequently exonerated after 16 years, encountered trouble during a traffic stop on Interstate 95.

Despite initially complying with commands, a struggle ensued, leading to a fatal gunshot. The lawsuit emphasizes accountability for law enforcement actions, condemning any excessive use of force.

Family attorney Harry Daniels described the incident as indicative of systemic issues within law enforcement. Mary Cure, Leonard’s mother, lamented the need for citizens to hold police accountable, urging officers to exercise restraint in using force.

The lawsuit highlights Aldridge’s troubled history, including previous termination for violating use-of-force policies. Despite ongoing review by the district attorney, the family proceeded with the civil suit, seeking compensatory damages exceeding $16 million.

Dashboard and body-worn camera footage released by the sheriff’s office captures the tense moments leading to the shooting. The video depicts a confrontation escalating into physical struggle, culminating in the fatal shot. The lawsuit aims to address not only Cure’s tragic death but also broader concerns regarding law enforcement practices and accountability.