Expanding Networks: 8 Best Lawyer Forums for Remote Legal Professionals


In the wake of the evolving landscape spurred by remote work, legal professionals are embracing digital platforms to stay connected and foster networking opportunities.

As the legal industry adapts to the new normal, lawyers are turning to online forums tailored to their profession to build relationships, share insights, and stay abreast of industry trends.

Traditional notions of networking over coffee or at large events have shifted towards virtual spaces, with online forums emerging as crucial hubs for remote lawyers seeking to maintain professional connections and enhance their online presence.

These forums, characterized by asynchronous communication, provide a platform for legal practitioners to engage in discussions, seek advice, and share expertise irrespective of geographical barriers.

Exploring the realm of online forums, here are the top eight platforms deemed essential for lawyers and legal professionals:

1. Quora: Offering a broad spectrum of topics, including the legal industry, Quora enables legal professionals to contribute expert answers, gain credibility, and engage with trending legal discussions.

2. Bar Association Forums: Whether local or practice-area-specific, bar association forums provide opportunities for lawyers to connect with peers, exchange knowledge, and stay informed about developments in their field.

3. Social Media Groups: Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn host dedicated groups for legal professionals, fostering discussions, networking, and enhancing online visibility within the legal community.

4. Thomson Reuters Legal Community: Exclusively catering to Thomson Reuters customers, this community offers a platform for lawyers to network, share insights, and collaborate with industry experts.

5. The Lawyerist Community: Designed for small firm lawyers, The Lawyerist Community on Facebook serves as a resource hub for legal professionals, offering guidance, podcasts, and discussions on law firm best practices.

6. Reddit: With subreddits like r/LawFirm, Reddit provides an informal space for lawyers to discuss industry-specific topics, share experiences, and seek advice from peers.

7. Slack: Through channels like LawyerSmack, Slack facilitates communication among private attorneys, enabling collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the legal community.

8. Law School Alumni Forums: Some law schools offer online forums for alumni to connect, network, and stay updated on industry news and events, fostering ongoing professional relationships beyond graduation.

Embracing remote and hybrid work models, legal professionals acknowledge the importance of networking in cultivating successful client relationships and advancing their practice.

By leveraging online forums and legal practice management software, lawyers can seamlessly manage their practice from anywhere while staying connected to industry peers.