Young Lawyer Makes History By Founding Her Law Firm At Just 25

Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu

At the age of 25, Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu achieved a significant milestone by becoming the founder and director of her own law firm in Durban, South Africa.

Mthembu’s law firm, Passcara and Partners Incorporated, specializes in family law, personal injury, and more, demonstrating her determination and ambition.

Although Mthembu pursued a career in law after completing law school, she also nurtured a lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Refusing to let her age hinder her aspirations, she made the bold decision to leave her job and pursue her vision of owning a law firm.

“I saw it as a personal challenge. I then made the decision that regardless of what others say, I am going to do this,” she told Power FM. “The journey has been tough, from the beginning of my studies until now. But I have no regrets.”

Mthembu officially announced the launch of her law firm on Twitter, proudly introducing herself as the founder and director. Her tweet read, “I am here to inspire. If I can do it, so can you!!!”

Acknowledging the challenges of being a young entrepreneur in a competitive industry, Mthembu admits that marketing herself presents difficulties. However, she remains optimistic that positive word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients will play a crucial role in expanding her practice.

“What is challenging in our field is self-promotion. There is a fine line between marketing and solicitation. Solicitation is like begging or pressuring clients,” she explained. “It makes marketing difficult because you don’t want to cross the line established by the legal council.”

To learn more about Mthembu’s law firm, visit or follow her on Twitter @sinemthembu.