These Are The High-Stakes Cases The Supreme Court Still Needs To Decide

U.S. Supreme Court

As the current Supreme Court term nears its conclusion, pivotal cases ranging from presidential immunity to abortion rights to gun regulations remain unresolved, poised to significantly influence legal precedents across the United States.

The court, which has already heard 61 cases this term, has yet to deliver judgments on 29, with anticipated decisions slated for Thursday, June 13, and Friday, June 14, 2024.

Here’s a look at some of the major undecided Supreme Court cases as of June 12, 2024:

Presidential Immunity

Former President Donald Trump awaits a critical ruling on his claim of immunity from criminal prosecution related to allegations of election interference, arguing that such immunity extends to official acts performed while in office. This case marks a significant test of legal boundaries concerning presidential accountability.

Jan. 6, 2021 Assault on the Capitol

A challenge to obstruction charges against individuals involved in the January 6 Capitol riot, including Trump, questions the applicability of existing laws intended to prevent interference with official proceedings. The outcome will impact future prosecutions related to the events of that day.

Abortion Rights

Two abortion-related cases are under scrutiny: one challenging FDA regulations facilitating access to medication abortions, and another addressing emergency abortion procedures in states with restrictive abortion laws post-Roe v. Wade.

Second Amendment and Domestic Violence

A case involving the Second Amendment examines federal laws aimed at preventing individuals under domestic violence restraining orders from possessing firearms, potentially reshaping gun rights jurisprudence in the aftermath of recent Supreme Court rulings.

Homelessness and Cruelty Clause

A landmark case regarding homelessness debates whether local governments can prohibit outdoor sleeping when shelter space is limited, sparking nationwide implications on housing policies and constitutional protections against cruel and unusual punishment.

Bump Stocks

Legal arguments concerning the ban on bump stocks, a gun accessory implicated in the Las Vegas mass shooting, question the federal government’s authority to classify certain firearm accessories as illegal under existing laws.

Chevron Deference

The court deliberates over the future of Chevron deference, a doctrine that guides judicial deference to federal agency interpretations of ambiguous statutes, which critics argue has overstepped judicial authority.

Social Media Regulation

Multiple cases scrutinize state and federal laws regulating social media platforms, addressing issues of free speech, content moderation, and governmental oversight in an era of heightened digital discourse.

Purdue Pharma Settlement

A pending decision on the Purdue Pharma settlement will determine the fate of billions allocated for opioid epidemic relief and the legal immunity of the Sackler family, drawing intense scrutiny amid ongoing public health crises.

Wealth Tax and Air Pollution

Challenges to foreign income taxes and environmental regulations underscore broader debates over wealth distribution and environmental protection, setting precedents for future tax and regulatory policies.

SEC Jurisdiction

A pivotal case involving the SEC’s enforcement powers over securities fraud may redefine the scope of regulatory agency authority and defendants’ rights in federal court proceedings.

These cases represent a culmination of legal battles that could reshape fundamental rights and governmental powers, with implications extending far beyond their immediate subjects.

The court’s forthcoming decisions are anticipated to define legal landscapes across the country for years to come.