Harvey Weinstein Appeals LA Conviction, Alleging Unfair Trial

Harvey Weinstein Sex Crimes

Harvey Weinstein’s legal team has launched an appeal, contending that the disgraced film producer was deprived of a fair trial during his 2022 conviction for rape and sexual assault in Los Angeles.

Weinstein, sentenced to 16 years in prison, asserts that crucial evidence was improperly excluded, hindering his ability to present a robust defense.

This appeal, filed with California’s Second District Court of Appeal, follows a recent development where Weinstein’s previous conviction and lengthy prison sentence in New York were overturned.

His attorneys argue that the trial judge erred by excluding evidence indicating a prior sexual relationship between Weinstein’s accuser, an Italian model and actor, and the director of a film festival where the alleged assault occurred.

Furthermore, Weinstein’s legal team contests the jury’s exposure to his previous New York conviction, arguing that it unfairly prejudiced the jury.

They also raise concerns about testimony regarding alleged assaults for which Weinstein was not charged, suggesting that it tainted the jury’s perception of him.

During the trial, Weinstein was convicted of assaulting one woman, Evgeniya Chernyshova, during the LA Italia Film Festival in 2013.

His lawyers assert that crucial Facebook messages showing Chernyshova’s relationship with the festival’s founder were wrongfully excluded.

They argue that this evidence could have undermined Chernyshova’s credibility and supported Weinstein’s defense that she was not present during the alleged assault.

Weinstein’s appeal also highlights juror affidavits expressing regret over their unanimous guilty verdict and suggests that Chernyshova’s post-verdict lawsuit indicates possible financial motives.

Despite these arguments, Chernyshova’s attorney maintains confidence in the trial court’s decisions.

Weinstein’s legal team has enlisted appellate attorneys, including Jennifer Bonjean, known for her success in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case appeal. The prosecution has until August 6 to respond to the appeal.