Everything We Know About YSL’s RICO Case And Timeline Of Key Events


In the aftermath of Young Thug’s entanglement in a sprawling RICO case, a message surfaced from him during a jail stint.

The rapper urged support for the Protect Black Art petition, aiming to safeguard artistic expression from legal repercussions.

The petition, championed by 300 Entertainment co-founder Kevin Liles and Atlanta Records COO Julie Greenwald, seeks legislative safeguards against the use of rap lyrics in court.

This plea unfolded amidst a complex legal battle involving Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 members of the Young Stoner Life collective.

The indictment, spanning 88 pages, painted YSL as a “criminal street gang,” leveraging lyrics, social media, and SLIME-branded merchandise as evidence.

Against the backdrop of rising violent crime in Atlanta, the case has stirred debates about the justice system’s treatment of artists.

Gunna, after months of legal proceedings, secured an Alford plea deal, leading to his release with time served and community service.

However, Thug’s request for bond was repeatedly denied by Judge Ural Glanville, citing concerns about witness tampering and community safety.

Amidst the trial’s unfolding, allegations surfaced of an attempted drug exchange involving Thug, further complicating the legal landscape.

As the trial progresses, the legal community closely monitors developments, from opening statements referencing The Jungle Book to ongoing testimonies and evidence presentations.