Former Miami Dolphins Cornerback Xavien Howard Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Non-Consensual Distribution of Explicit Images

Xavien Howard

Xavien Howard, a former cornerback for the Miami Dolphins, is embroiled in a legal battle following allegations of non-consensual distribution of explicit videos.

This development comes a year after Howard was in the spotlight for reportedly impregnating four women simultaneously.

A lawsuit filed on June 6 in Broward County Circuit Court, Florida, claims that Howard shared sexually explicit videos of himself and a woman, identified as John Doe’s mother, without her consent.

The suit alleges that Howard sent these videos to her minor son, causing significant emotional distress.

According to the lawsuit, the woman asserts that Howard began a campaign of harassment after she refused his demand to terminate her pregnancy.

Among the acts of revenge, Howard allegedly sent sexually explicit content to her son, listed as John Doe in court documents, in September 2022.

The complaint states that Howard had access to the children’s phone numbers because the woman occasionally used her children’s phones to communicate with him when her phone battery was dead.

Despite her efforts to delete these messages, her son discovered the explicit content backed up on his iCloud account.

“This behavior is abhorrent, especially sending this to a child,” said Adriana Alcalde, the plaintiff’s attorney, in a statement to the Miami Herald.

The woman seeks to consolidate John Doe’s lawsuit with an existing case filed in May 2023 by another woman, identified as Jane Doe. Jane Doe alleges that Howard shared sexually explicit photos and videos of her without consent after she ended their relationship.

Jane Doe learned of the dissemination through an Instagram message and subsequently verified her presence in the videos.

Jane Doe’s attorney, Alcalde, stated:

“We know he [Howard] sent these to different people, and we don’t know how many people he sent these to. Some of those videos were taken with her consent, some without, but none were meant for public distribution.”

Despite sending Howard a cease-and-desist letter in October 2022, Jane Doe proceeded with her lawsuit. Howard’s attempt to dismiss the case on the grounds of Jane Doe’s prior felony arrest was denied by the court on January 29.

These lawsuits highlight broader issues of privacy and consent, particularly in the context of digital media. Since 2013, 46 states and Washington, D.C., have enacted anti-revenge porn laws to combat such violations.

The latest filing against Howard suggests a pattern of intimidation and coercive behavior.

In a related note, in September 2023, Denisha Owens publicly claimed to be the mother of Howard’s fifth child, further complicating his personal and legal troubles.

The paternity of Howard’s alleged children, however, remains unconfirmed.

Judge Keathan Frink will decide whether John Doe’s suit will be merged with Jane Doe’s existing lawsuit, as Howard continues to face mounting legal challenges.