35-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Alleged Attempted Infanticide In IHOP Bathroom


A 35-year-old woman from Kentucky was apprehended by law enforcement after an incident at an IHOP restaurant, where she allegedly attempted to dispose of a newborn infant in the bathroom.

Law enforcement sources revealed that on May 29th, Bowling Green Police Department and emergency medical services responded to a distress call from the IHOP establishment.

Witnesses reported seeing a woman bleeding in the restroom, prompting concerns of a possible miscarriage.

Subsequent reports indicated the presence of a newborn infant in the toilet bowl and suspicions that the woman had attempted to flush the infant down the toilet.

Eyewitnesses corroborated these claims, asserting that the woman fled the scene on foot immediately after the incident.

Upon investigation, authorities discovered the deceased infant in the restroom. The circumstances surrounding the infant’s birth and subsequent demise are under investigation pending an autopsy.

The woman, identified as a Kentucky resident, was apprehended in the parking lot of a nearby Red Roof Inn.

During her apprehension, she made various erratic statements, including claims of association with notable individuals such as Denzel Washington and Michael Jordan, and assertions about her celibacy.

The woman, whose name was not immediately disclosed, was taken into custody and booked at the Warren County Detention Center.

She currently faces charges of attempted infanticide, a Class A misdemeanor, with a bond set at $2,500.

Authorities have indicated that additional charges may be filed pending further investigation into the circumstances of the newborn’s death.