It’s Not Over For Harvey Weinstein! New Allegations May Lead To New Indictment

Harvey Weinstein

Manhattan prosecutors informed a judge on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, that they are assessing new claims of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein and may seek a new indictment before his retrial on rape and sexual assault charges.

As reported by AP, during a court hearing, Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg stated that additional individuals have come forward with assault allegations, which are currently under review to determine if they fall within the statute of limitations.

Some potential witnesses, who were not prepared to testify during Weinstein’s initial New York trial, may now be willing to come forward.

Judge Curtis Farber inquired about the likelihood of a new indictment, to which Blumberg confirmed the possibility.

Prosecutors are expected to provide a more definitive update by the end of June, with the next hearing scheduled for July 9. The retrial is tentatively set to commence sometime after Labor Day.

Weinstein’s attorney, Arthur Aidala, expressed confidence outside the courthouse, asserting that no additional accusers would strengthen the prosecution’s case.

“He knows he’s never done anything like this,” Aidala remarked regarding Weinstein.

Weinstein, appearing in a wheelchair due to ongoing medical issues, was present in the same New York City courthouse where former President Donald Trump is currently on trial. Weinstein is held at Rikers Island jail complex.

During the hearing, Judge Farber addressed a request from prosecutors, urging Weinstein’s lawyers to refrain from publicly disparaging potential witnesses ahead of the retrial.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office argued that Aidala’s previous comments were intended to intimidate Miriam Haley, whom Weinstein was convicted of sexually assaulting.

Aidala apologized to the judge but stressed on the importance of a vigorous defense, insisting that false statements were made in the previous trial.

He contended that Weinstein’s accusers’ lawyers have been publicly criticizing Weinstein throughout the legal process.

“Who gets to stand up for Harvey Weinstein?” Aidala questioned in court.

Farber directed both parties to avoid pandering to the press, asserting that the case will be decided in the court of justice, not public opinion.

Haley, who did not attend the hearing, has expressed reluctance about testifying again.

Her attorney, Gloria Allred, stated outside the courthouse that Haley has not yet decided whether to participate in the retrial and called for Aidala to apologize for his remarks, which he declined to do.

In a previous statement, Aidala suggested that Haley lied to the jury about her motives and indicated plans for an aggressive cross-examination if she chooses to testify again.

Weinstein’s original trial in 2020 resulted in his conviction for raping Jessica Mann and sexually assaulting Haley.

However, New York’s highest court recently overturned these convictions, citing unfair trial practices. Weinstein has consistently maintained that all sexual activity was consensual.

The potential new indictment could further complicate Weinstein’s legal battles, adding to his existing convictions and prison sentences.