DJ Akademiks Sued For Rape And Defamation By Ex-Girlfriend

Fauziya Abashe, an ex-lover of DJ Akademiks, has filed a lawsuit against him, alleging rape and defamation in recent court filings.

Abashe, also known as Ziya, claims she met AK online and visited his residence on July 16, 2022, where she alleges she was sexually assaulted by AK and two other men after being given a spiked drink.

In the court documents, Abashe recounts regaining consciousness to find herself subjected to non-consensual sexual activity by AK, including severe physical and sexual abuse.

Despite AK’s claims of consensual involvement, Abashe maintains the encounter was non-consensual and seeks legal recourse for the alleged assault and defamation.

The lawsuit has sparked widespread discussion and debate.

DJ Akademiks, real name Livingston Allen, is a Jamaican-American podcaster, internet personality and live streamer.

DJ Akademiks rose to fame for his YouTube channel which covered recent news in the music industry—particularly hip hop.