Transwoman’s Gruesome Murder of Man Caught on Video: Allegedly Ran Victim Over With Car, Kissed His Body, and Stabbed Him 9 Times

In a shocking turn of events, a Houston neighborhood was rattled when a 20-year-old trans woman, Karon Fisher, was arrested after a brutal daylight murder caught on camera.

According to reports from ABC13, the victim, 64-year-old Steven Anderson, was walking in his Houston neighborhood when Fisher, speeding down the street, collided with him without warning.

The disturbing footage captured Fisher then reversing the vehicle and running over Anderson a second time, leaving his lifeless body sprawled across the street.

As horrified neighbors rushed to call emergency services, Fisher returned to the scene. In a bizarre and chilling sequence of events, she reportedly embraced Anderson’s body, even planting a kiss on him, before proceeding to stab him nine times in full view of witnesses.

Following this gruesome act, Fisher attempted to flee, unsuccessfully trying to enter a nearby vehicle before ultimately escaping on foot, leaping over Anderson’s lifeless form.

Court records revealed that Fisher, initially identified as male but referred to as “she” by law enforcement, was located at a local hospital and subsequently arrested on multiple charges.

These charges include murder, evading arrest with a vehicle, and assaulting hospital personnel, as documented by Harris County records. Currently, Fisher remains in custody with a bond set at $2 million.

This harrowing incident has left the community reeling, prompting questions about the circumstances surrounding the tragic loss of Steven Anderson’s life and the motivations behind Fisher’s alleged actions.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities continue to piece together the events leading up to this disturbing crime.