Chrisley Family Faces Opposition as Plaintiff Accuses Them of Profiting Off Car Crash, Rejects Bid to Seal Case

The Chrisley Family

A legal battle between reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley and Patrick Rykwalder, the plaintiff suing them over their son Grayson’s 2022 car crash, has taken a contentious turn.

The Chrisleys are facing accusations of attempting to seal the case to avoid public scrutiny, a move strongly opposed by Rykwalder.

The incident in question occurred on November 12, 2022, on Interstate 65 in Tennessee, where Grayson Chrisley allegedly crashed into Patrick Rykwalder’s 2020 Dodge Ram while driving a 2020 Ford 5150 pickup owned by his parents, Todd and Julie.

Rykwalder filed a lawsuit against the Chrisley family, alleging that Grayson was a distracted driver who failed to maintain a safe distance and speed on the road.

The legal dispute escalated as Rykwalder issued subpoenas to Verizon and AT&T for phone records, seeking call and text logs before and after the crash.

After months of contention, an agreement was reached, allowing Rykwalder access to specific records related to the incident.

Now, the Chrisleys, along with their children, are pushing for the entire case to be sealed, citing privacy concerns and potential embarrassment, especially in light of their recent criminal convictions.

However, Rykwalder vehemently opposes this move, arguing that the family’s public discussions and media engagements about the case contradict their sudden desire for privacy.

Rykwalder’s lawyer highlighted the irony of the Chrisleys seeking privacy after actively engaging with the media and discussing the incident on various platforms.

He accused them of exploiting the situation for personal gain and attempting to control the public narrative.

The legal battle continues as both parties present their arguments in court, with Rykwalder determined to ensure transparency and accountability in the case.