$4.8 Million Settlement Reached in Tragic Death of 13-Year-Old Girl Hit By A Car Fleeing Police Chase

Tamia Chappman

In a major legal development, the city of Cleveland, Ohio, has reached a $4.8 million settlement with the family of Tamia Chappman, a 13-year-old girl who was struck and killed during a police chase back in December 2019.

The settlement brings to a close a series of legal battles and investigations stemming from the tragic incident that unfolded when a vehicle fleeing from Cleveland officers struck Tamia as she was walking on a sidewalk with her friends.

The $4.8 million settlement, believed to be the largest wrongful death settlement involving a pursuit in Ohio, marks a significant step toward justice for Tamia’s family.

The chase had ensued after the armed carjacking of a 72-year-old woman outside a local grocery store.

Attorney Stanley Jackson of the Cochran Firm in Cleveland criticized the city for its negligence, stating:

“The city of Cleveland didn’t follow its own policy, didn’t follow its own procedures, didn’t have common sense during the chase, nor any decency when they were involved in it.”

The wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Chappman family alleged that the police acted recklessly and violated state law and standard operating procedures.

The pursuit, which reached speeds exceeding 89 miles per hour, culminated in tragedy near Euclid and Lakefront avenues in East Cleveland.

Tamia’s mother, Sherrie Chappman, expressed her grief during a press conference, emphasizing the need to prevent similar incidents in the future.

“I miss my daughter. We won’t ever get her back,” she said. “I don’t want nobody else’s kids or elderly person [getting] hurt — doing these chases. I hope they stop.”

However, the city maintains that it did not admit any wrongdoing or policy violations in settling the case.

Spokesperson Tyler Sinclair emphasized the complexity of the decision to settle, stating, “We want to be clear that there are no winners or losers in a case as tragic as this one.”

The tragic death of Tamia Chappman has also reignited debates about police chase policies in Ohio, with calls for standardized regulations across law enforcement agencies.