Family of 17-Year-Old Kadarius Smith Demands Justice After Alleged Police-Involved Death

Kadarius Smith

The family of Kadarius Smith, a 17-year-old from Leland, Mississippi, continues to express frustration over the lack of information surrounding his untimely death.

Kadarius passed away last month under contentious circumstances, allegedly after being struck by a police cruiser.

Patrick Smith, Kadarius’ father, remains distraught by the limited details surrounding his son’s March 21st demise.

Witnesses claim that Kadarius was walking home with friends when a police officer in a cruiser initiated a pursuit, tragically running over the teenager from behind.

“I won’t get to see my child walk across that stage next year,” lamented Patrick. “I won’t ever have a grandchild because he was the last Smith. They took that from me.”

In the aftermath of Kadarius’ death, the Smith family has been vocal in their calls for transparency from the Leland Police Department.

They have repeatedly urged authorities to release the dashcam footage capturing the incident. Kadarius’ mother, KayChia Calvert, asserts that she observed tire marks across her son’s back.

Responding to the family’s demands, Edward J. Bogen, Jr., an attorney representing the Leland Police Department, refuted the notion that Kadarius was merely walking home with friends, although he declined to provide further specifics.

Reports by People indicate that the officer involved, whose identity remains undisclosed, has been placed on administrative leave pending investigations into the incident.

Both the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation are currently probing the case, seeking to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Kadarius Smith’s tragic death.