Attorneys for Teen Accusing Ja Morant Withdraw from Civil Lawsuit

Ja Morant and Joshua Holloway

Attorneys representing Joshua Holloway, the teen who filed a civil lawsuit against Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant, have taken a surprising step in the ongoing legal battle.

Rebecca Adelman and Leslie Ballin, who have been Holloway’s legal counsel, filed a motion to withdraw from the case.

The motion, filed jointly by Adelman and Ballin, cites a conflict with Holloway that has affected their independent professional judgment. While the motion does not elaborate on the nature of the conflict, it signals a significant development in the case.

This move comes after a recent court ruling in April, where a judge determined that Ja Morant acted in self-defense when he punched Holloway during a pickup basketball game in July 2022.

According to witnesses, Holloway threw a hard pass that hit Morant in the face, prompting Morant to retaliate with a punch to Holloway’s chin. Morant’s childhood friend Davonte Pack also allegedly punched Holloway, causing him to fall to the ground.

In response, Holloway filed a civil lawsuit against Morant in September of the same year. Morant’s legal team argued that he should be immune from liability under Tennessee’s “stand your ground” law, asserting that Morant acted in self-defense.

Shelby County Court Circuit Judge Carol Chumney’s ruling on April 8 supported Morant’s claim of self-defense, stating that Morant “enjoys a presumption of civil immunity.”

Judge Chumney emphasized that Holloway was the sole provocateur in the altercation, and others present were merely interested in playing basketball.

Following the ruling, Adelman expressed disappointment on behalf of Holloway, affirming their commitment to advocate for him in the legal system. Conversely, Morant’s attorney, Keenan Carter, expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision.

The motion to withdraw from the case marks a significant development in the legal proceedings, raising questions about the future trajectory of the lawsuit against Ja Morant.