Ex-Trump Lawyer Eastman, California Bar Clash Over Law License Status

Eastman California Law License

California state bar prosecutors are opposing John Eastman’s attempt to regain his law license, despite his plea citing financial concerns.

Eastman, formerly a lawyer for Donald Trump, faces disbarment due to his role in challenging the 2020 election results.

His actions, deemed unethical by a State Bar Court judge, led to automatic deactivation of his license pending a decision by the California Supreme Court.

Eastman sought to halt the impact of the order on his license, citing prejudice and his need for income to fund his defense against criminal charges in Georgia related to the election.

However, California bar prosecutors argue that involuntary inactive enrollment is mandatory following a disbarment recommendation, regardless of ongoing appeals.

Despite Eastman’s silence on the matter, his legal team has emphasized the substantial costs of his defense, exceeding $1 million and expected to surpass $3 million.

State bar prosecutors highlighted the judge’s ruling, which condemned Eastman’s willingness to distort facts, break laws, and pursue baseless claims on behalf of clients.

Eastman, a former law professor, crafted legal memos advising then-Vice President Mike Pence on rejecting electoral votes from key states, an idea Pence dismissed as unconstitutional.

Additionally, Eastman represented Trump in a Supreme Court lawsuit seeking to invalidate votes in four states, echoing baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

He reiterated these claims at a rally preceding the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, which delayed the certification of the election results.

In summary, Eastman’s efforts to challenge the election results have led to serious legal repercussions, including disbarment proceedings in California and criminal charges in Georgia.

Despite his attempts to regain his law license and mitigate financial losses, state bar prosecutors remain firm in their opposition, emphasizing the seriousness of his ethical violations.