Cop Criticized for Handling of Evidence in DUI Case After Bodycam Captured Her Emptying Sealed Bottle of Vodka

Calvin Riley Arrest

A recent DUI case in Tallahassee has drawn attention after a prosecutor criticized a police officer’s decision to open and empty a sealed bottle of liquor found in the car of the man later found guilty of driving under the influence.

The case involved 56-year-old Calvin Riley Sr., whose arrest last May gained widespread attention due to bodycam footage that went viral online, sparking concerns about possible police misconduct.

Officer Kiersten Oliver’s actions during Riley’s arrest have been called into question after she was seen on video opening and emptying a sealed bottle of vodka found in Riley’s car.

The incident has raised allegations of evidence tampering, with defense attorneys arguing that Oliver planted evidence to incriminate Riley.

During the trial, Assistant Public Defender Desiree Goodfellow accused Oliver of planting evidence, describing her actions as “shocking” and “egregious.”

Oliver admitted to opening the sealed bottle of vodka but claimed it was an unintentional mistake.

The incident has reignited concerns about police conduct and transparency in law enforcement.

Jeremy Matlow, Tallahassee’s city commissioner, expressed his dismay over the handling of the case, calling for a full review and explanation by the city manager.

Riley was ultimately found guilty of DUI and sentenced to 10 days in jail, along with other penalties. However, the case has prompted discussions about the need for accountability and reform within the police department.

The controversy surrounding Riley’s arrest highlights broader issues of trust and accountability in law enforcement, raising questions about the proper handling of evidence and the conduct of officers during arrests.