Yung Miami Slapped With $10 Million Lawsuit Over Diddy

Yung Miami

Rapper Yung Miami has found herself in the midst of a legal storm at her recent pool party in Houston, where she was served with a $10 million lawsuit.

The lawsuit, allegedly related to claims against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs for profiting off a brand and label without compensating the plaintiff, was delivered by an individual who boasted about the encounter on social media.

Taking to Instagram, the individual recounted the incident, revealing that they were enlisted by another party to serve Yung Miami with the legal papers.

Despite the unconventional setting, the process server expressed no hesitation, stating his willingness to fulfill the task.

“So my bro @charliecee asked me to serve @yungmiami305 with these papers bc he heard she was gonna be in Houston. The suit over Diddy making money off his brand and label and not paying him. Ofc I slid eat br why tf not?” the man wrote in the caption of his Instagram post.

In response to the lawsuit, Yung Miami expressed her dismay on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), denouncing the legal action as “LAME” and lamenting the relentless scrutiny she faces daily.

Refuting claims of involvement in the alleged merchandise dispute, the City Girls rapper conveyed her frustration with the relentless negativity she encounters online.

“Tryna serve me some paper over MERCH that I’m not selling is LAME!!! Like everybody wanna go viral so bad let’s go viral I’m tired!!!!!!!!” the City Girls rapper wrote. “I’m so tired of the internet & ppl f*cking with me everyday!!!” she aired her frustration in a follow up post.

This latest legal entanglement adds to a string of controversies surrounding Yung Miami, including allegations of involvement in illicit activities and being embroiled in legal disputes with producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones.

Despite attempts to maintain a facade of indifference, Yung Miami’s social media posts reveal the toll the ongoing scrutiny has taken on her.

Amidst the turmoil, Yung Miami has attempted to deflect attention by sharing videos of leisure activities, including twerking on a yacht and engaging in a twerk contest with another rapper.

However, the rapper’s efforts to project an image of nonchalance have been overshadowed by the persistent specter of controversy.

As the legal drama unfolds, Yung Miami finds herself navigating treacherous waters, grappling with the weight of public scrutiny and legal challenges.

Whether she will emerge unscathed from this latest legal battle remains to be seen.