Police Officer Caught On Video Tampering Evidence During A DUI Arrest Of Black Man

Calvin Riley Arrest

In an alarming incident captured on video, Tallahassee Police Officer Kiersten Oliver has come under scrutiny for allegedly tampering with evidence during a DUI arrest of a Black man, Calvin Riley.

The encounter unfolded during a routine traffic stop on South Monroe, leaving Riley in a state of distress and the Tallahassee Police Department facing accusations of misconduct.

Officer Oliver, a recent addition to the force, initiated the traffic stop and subsequently called for backup, citing suspicions of Riley being under the influence.

Body camera footage reveals Oliver discussing the situation with Officer Margaret Mueth, expressing uncertainty about Riley’s condition and claiming to detect the smell of marijuana. Riley, however, vehemently denied these allegations, leading to a heated exchange captured on camera.

As the situation escalated, officers changed their narrative, now alleging that Riley smelled of alcohol. Shockingly, Officer Oliver was recorded asking Officer Mueth about the quantity of liquid present before claiming to pour it out, citing departmental policy.

These actions raise serious questions about the integrity of the arrest and the potential fabrication of evidence by law enforcement.

The incident has reignited concerns about police misconduct and racial bias within the Tallahassee Police Department.

Chief Lawrence Revell’s hiring practices, aimed at bolstering the department, now face scrutiny amid allegations of unethical behavior by officers on duty.

The defense representing Riley has raised objections to Officer Oliver’s actions, questioning her adherence to departmental protocols and highlighting inconsistencies in her testimony.

The pretrial hearing held in late February shed light on Officer Oliver’s justification for tampering with evidence, citing departmental policy, but leaving many unanswered questions regarding the integrity of the arrest.