Woman Seeks Support for Reconstructive Surgery After Sister Threw Acid On Her! These Are Her Legal Options


Nique, a young woman, is urgently seeking financial assistance for reconstructive surgery after her own sister perpetrated a horrifying acid attack against her.

The vicious assault has left Nique with severe burns, both physical and emotional, as she struggles to cope with the aftermath.

Taking to her GoFundMe page, Nique poured out her heart, expressing the profound pain and anguish she’s endured.

“I’m not at the best state of mind due to my sister throwing acid on me,” she wrote. “I’m lost for words, I’m hurt, and I need help for my surgery. I just want to look like myself again. Nobody should have to go through this. I don’t wish it on anybody.”

The funds she’s striving to raise will be dedicated to the extensive medical procedures required to address the third-degree burns covering her body and face.

Nique revealed that she faces a grueling journey ahead, with seven surgeries looming to repair the damage inflicted upon her.

Throughout her ordeal, Nique has been candidly documenting her painful surgeries and emotional struggles on her TikTok account, @niquedagoatt.

In one heartbreaking video, she shares her profound sadness and despair, grappling with the reality of her altered appearance.

“I’m so depressed. I can’t change what happened,” she lamented. “Look at me, I don’t look like this.”

Despite her harrowing circumstances, the motive behind the acid attack remains shrouded in mystery.

Nique’s sister’s actions have left her not only physically scarred but also grappling with the trauma of betrayal and violence from within her own family.

In addition to her urgent need for medical care, Nique may also explore legal options in the wake of the attack.

While specifics regarding potential legal recourse remain undisclosed, legal avenues could include pursuing criminal charges against her sister for assault, seeking civil damages for the harm inflicted, and exploring avenues for victim compensation or support.

As Nique continues her courageous journey toward healing and recovery, the outpouring of support from the community remains vital.

The link to her GoFundMe page has been shared widely, offering individuals an opportunity to contribute to her medical expenses and stand in solidarity with her during this challenging time.