Hilton Head Elder’s Legacy Secured: Settlement Reached in Land Dispute That Made National News

Josephine Wright

After a year-long battle to preserve her family’s legacy, the late 94-year-old Josephine Wright’s fight against developers in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, has finally come to an end with a settlement reached in the lawsuit filed against her estate.

Wright, who passed away two months prior to the settlement, had staunchly defended her family’s land from developers, refusing to sell despite facing legal action from Bailey Point Investment LLC.

The land, which had been in her husband’s family since the Civil War, held sentimental value for Wright, who cherished the peace and tranquility it provided for over three decades.

The settlement, detailed in a report from South Carolina Public Radio, mandates that Bailey Point Investment LLC cease all contact with the family regarding the land.

Additionally, the developer is required to undertake various improvements, including repairing Wright’s roof, constructing a privacy fence, and enhancing landscaping on the property.

The legal dispute arose in February 2023 when Bailey Point announced plans to develop a 29-acre neighborhood encompassing Wright’s land, prompting the lawsuit alleging encroachment on the proposed development area.

Despite facing intimidation and harassment from the company, including trespassing incidents and property damage, Wright remained steadfast in her refusal to yield.

The resolution of the case was facilitated by court-ordered mediation, with a designated mediator granted 300 days to broker a settlement between the parties involved.

Throughout the ordeal, Wright garnered widespread support, with notable figures like Snoop Dogg and Kyrie Irving contributing to a GoFundMe campaign to cover legal expenses.

The family’s fundraising efforts surpassed $367,000, with Tyler Perry pledging to build Wright a new home, pending county inspections.

Although Wright is no longer with us, her family expressed gratitude for the settlement, emphasizing their commitment to preserving her legacy.

Charise Graves, Wright’s granddaughter, revealed plans to establish the Josephine Wright Foundation in her honor, aimed at assisting other families in land preservation endeavors.

Efforts to reach attorneys representing both parties for comment were unsuccessful at the time of publication, leaving the settlement as a testament to Wright’s enduring legacy and the resilience of her family in the face of adversity.