US Man Sentenced For Murder Of Tourist By Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle

A US man has been handed a life sentence by a German court for the horrific rape and murder of an American tourist and the attempted murder of her friend near Neuschwanstein Castle, one of Germany’s iconic attractions.

Troy Philipp B, 31, was found guilty of attacking the two tourists near the castle, admitting to the assault on one woman and pushing both victims off a ravine on June 14, 2023. He had initially befriended the women before leading them away from the public path.

During the sentencing in Kempten, Bavaria, Judge Christoph Schwiebacher emphasized the severity of the crime, suggesting that parole eligibility after 15 years might not apply, which is typical for life sentences in Germany.

Though the victims weren’t officially named by German officials, they were identified by relatives as Eva Liu, 21, and Kelsey Chang, 22, graduates of the University of Illinois.

Troy Philipp B lured the two friends from the popular Marienbruecke bridge viewpoint, guiding them to a secluded trail under the pretense of difficulty accessing the bridge. Subsequently, he violently assaulted Ms. Liu and then Ms. Chang, pushing her into a ravine of significant depth.

Despite the assailant’s attempt to conceal his crime, he was apprehended later that day following an extensive search. Witnesses reported seeing him with evident signs of struggle upon arrest.

During his trial, held in February, the defendant expressed remorse for his actions, claiming they were not premeditated. Additionally, he confessed to possessing child pornography.

In an emotional obituary, Ms. Liu was remembered as a vibrant student with diverse interests including baking, travel, and music.

The court withheld the killer’s full name, citing privacy laws.

Neuschwanstein Castle, located approximately 78 miles from Munich, attracts millions of tourists annually.