Chris Brown Faces $1.7 Million Judgment Over Unpaid Loan for Popeyes Restaurants


A Los Angeles court has handed down a hefty judgment against R&B sensation Chris Brown, totaling $1.7 million, following allegations that he failed to repay an outstanding loan intended for purchasing Popeyes restaurants.

According to reports from Radar Online, City National Bank, headquartered in Georgia, filed the lawsuit in California due to Brown’s residency in the state.

The legal action claims that Brown, alongside music producer The Dream and others, received a loan to acquire the fast-food franchises, but the debt has remained unpaid.

The bank has been attempting to collect on the loan since 2018, but their efforts have thus far been unsuccessful. Court documents reveal that the outstanding amount exceeds $2 million, including unpaid principal and accrued interest.

Despite multiple attempts to engage with Brown regarding the defaulted loan, the singer failed to respond to the default judgment filed in August 2023. Consequently, City National Bank pursued legal action, resulting in a significant victory in a Georgia court in September 2023.

The court granted the bank a judgment amounting to $1,760,654.11 against Brown. He now has 30 days to address the case; otherwise, the judgment will become final, potentially leading to the seizure of his assets, including his estate property.

Notably, The Dream, who was also involved in the plan to purchase the Popeyes restaurants, was not implicated in the default judgment.

This lawsuit adds to the legal woes facing Chris Brown, who is currently embroiled in a separate $71 million lawsuit related to a dog attack incident involving his pet and a housekeeper.