Woman Loses $800,000 Injury Lawsuit After Photos Surface of Christmas Tree Tossing Contest

Kamila Grabska

In a surprising turn of events, a 36-year-old woman from Ireland, Kamila Grabska, has lost over $800,000 in an injury lawsuit after images emerged of her participating in a Christmas tree tossing contest.

Grabska had filed a lawsuit against RSA Insurance following a car accident in 2017, alleging severe neck and back injuries that left her unable to work for five years. She sought compensation for lost income, estimating it to exceed $500,000.

However, her case took a dramatic turn when a local newspaper discovered a photo from 2018 showing Grabska enthusiastically engaged in a Christmas tree tossing competition.

The competition involved hurling approximately 5-foot spruce trees as far as possible, showcasing agility and strength.

Upon reviewing the photo, the judge overseeing the case expressed disbelief at the contradiction between Grabska’s claimed injuries and her active participation in the contest.

“It is a very large, natural Christmas tree and it is being thrown by her in a very agile movement. I’m afraid I cannot but conclude the claims were entirely exaggerated. On that basis, I propose to dismiss the claim,” the judge stated, as reported by the Irish Independent.

The revelation has raised eyebrows and sparked questions about the validity of Grabska’s injury claims. Many are left perplexed by the notion of a Christmas tree tossing competition and Grabska’s participation, especially considering her significant disability claims.

The irony of winning the competition after allegedly suffering debilitating injuries makes the situation incredible.

In light of this development, Grabska’s case serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of consistency and honesty in legal proceedings.