New York Jury slaps Ex-NRA Boss Wayne LaPierre With $4.3m In Corruption Case

In a significant legal blow to the National Rifle Association (NRA), a jury ruled in favor of the New York Attorney General’s Office, finding that the organization mismanaged charitable funds.

The verdict highlighted instances of top executives, including longtime leader Wayne LaPierre, diverting millions of dollars for personal gain, including luxurious trips and questionable contracts.

The jury determined that LaPierre should repay $4.3 million to the NRA for mismanagement of funds, while the former CFO, Wilson Phillips, was ordered to reimburse $2 million for breaching his fiduciary duties.

New York Attorney General Letitia James hailed the decision as a “major victory” against corruption and greed within the NRA.

This verdict represents another setback for the once-powerful lobbying group, which has faced internal strife, corruption allegations, and declining membership in recent years. LaPierre, visibly stoic throughout the trial, made no comment as he left the courthouse.

Nick Suplina, from Everytown for Gun Safety, noted that the NRA’s loss in this trial underscores its waning political influence, while the gun safety movement gains momentum.

The legal battle began in 2020 when the state attorney general sought to dissolve the NRA, alleging violations of non-profit laws, tax fraud, and personal enrichment.

The jury found LaPierre guilty of breaching fiduciary duties during his tenure from 2014 to 2022, causing significant financial damage to the organization.

Although he had repaid a portion of the funds, the jury’s ruling highlighted the extent of mismanagement within the NRA leadership.