Man Sues Powerball Claiming He’s Owed $340 Million After Incorrect Winning Lottery Numbers Posted

John Cheeks, a resident of Washington, D.C., is taking legal action against Powerball, alleging that the lottery owes him a staggering $340 million due to erroneous winning numbers posted on the game’s website.

The 60-year-old asserts that he purchased a ticket for the January 7 drawing in 2023 and was initially led to believe he had won after checking the numbers on the website.

However, by Jan. 10, Cheeks noticed discrepancies as the winning numbers had purportedly changed.

According to Cheeks, the confusion arose when Powerball’s website agency erroneously posted his winning numbers to the D.C. lottery website, only rectifying the mistake on January 9.

While Powerball’s website agency attributes the discrepancy to a technical error, Cheeks maintains that he is entitled to the $340 million jackpot.

His legal team argues that similar situations in the past, notably in 2013, saw Powerball honor declared winners despite discrepancies, setting a precedent for Cheeks’ case.

The lawsuit underscores the high stakes involved in lottery discrepancies and the legal battles that ensue.

Cheeks’ pursuit of the substantial prize highlights the complexity of lottery regulations and the significant financial implications at stake for both winners and lottery operators.