N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James Speaks After Victory Against Trump: ‘He Is Facing Accountability For Lying, Cheating’

Even former presidents must play by the same rules, New York Attorney General Letitia James asserts after her landmark victory against Donald Trump on Friday.

In a statement, James stressed that justice had been served, adding it was “a tremendous victory” for the state of New York, the United States and “for everyone who believes that we all must play by the same rules.”

 “For years, Donald Trump engaged in massive fraud to falsely inflate his net worth and unjustly enrich himself, his family, and his organization. While he may have authored the ‘Art of the Deal,’ our case revealed that his business was based on the art of the steal,” James wrote.

Her comments follow her victory in the $350million victory against ex-president Donald Trump who was found liable to have inflated his assets to lenders.

Former US President Donald Trump

The former president has been banned from serving as Director of a company in New York for three years with his two sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump slapped with $4million each and a two year ban from company business.

James welcomes the decision of the court, emphasizing the need to hold all Americans to the same standards.

“When powerful people cheat to get better loans, it comes at the expense of honest and hardworking people. Everyday Americans cannot lie to a bank to get a mortgage to buy a home, and if they did, our government would throw the book at them. There simply cannot be different rules for different people.

“Now, Donald Trump is finally facing accountability for his lying, cheating, and staggering fraud. Because no matter how big, rich, or powerful you think you are, no one is above the law.”

Mr. Trump faces other trials across the country, among them a first criminal trial of a former US President, scheduled to begin on March 25 in a hush money case.