Single Dad Who Grew Up In Foster Care Gets Court’s Approval To Adopt 5 Siblings


In a heartwarming tale of love and perseverance, Robert Carter of Cincinnati, Ohio, has officially become the proud father of five siblings after adopting them on Oct. 30, 2020.

The heartwarming story began when Carter, a 29-year-old cosmetologist and wig shop owner, decided to make a difference in the lives of children who, like him, grew up in foster care.

Carter’s journey to fatherhood is deeply rooted in his own experiences. As the third-oldest of nine siblings, Carter spent part of his childhood in foster care.

Determined to provide a loving and stable home for children in need, he decided to become a foster parent in 2017. His ultimate goal was to keep siblings together, a mission born out of his own separation from his brothers and sisters during his time in foster care.

“When my youngest brother was 2, I didn’t see him again until he was 16,” Carter shared with “Good Morning America.” “I wasn’t with my siblings, and I’d rather have that noise knowing they’re happy and happy together.”

Carter’s journey as a foster parent took a significant turn in December 2018 when three brothers—Robert, Giovanni, and Kiontae—came into his care. Later, he welcomed two sisters, Marionna and Makayla, completing the sibling group of five. Despite the challenges they faced coming from a neglectful home, Carter was determined to ensure that the siblings stayed together.

“Once I did find out they had sisters, that’s when I started to advocate to set up visitations,” Carter explained.

Stacey Barton, an adoption worker with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (JFS), praised Carter’s commitment to keeping the siblings united.

She noted that Carter’s own childhood experiences had made him acutely aware of the importance of sibling bonds. When permanent custody was awarded to JFS, Carter emerged as the only foster parent willing and able to adopt all five children.

“His childhood background has made him aware of the importance of keeping siblings together,” Barton stated in a news release. “His life is busy, with a lot of love, laughter, and loudness.”

For Carter, seven is a lucky number, and he hopes to expand his family further by adopting a newborn baby in the future. As his family’s story gains attention, he wants to emphasize the significance of fostering and adoption.

“As long as you have the means and love to give to kids, then anybody can do it,” Carter emphasized.

Carter’s inspiring journey serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the transformative power of love and family in changing lives for the better.