Celebs at Law: 14 Celebrities Who Have Law Degrees


Some celebrities are known not just for their performances on screen but also for their scholarly achievements, including earning law degrees.

While many pursued careers in entertainment instead of law, some celebrities still find ways to apply their legal knowledge.

Here’s a look at some well-known figures who attended law school and diversified their career paths.

Gemma Chan

  • Studied: Law at Oxford University
  • The English actress, known for her role in “Crazy Rich Asians,” graduated from Oxford University with a law degree. Her rigorous coursework helped her transition to acting, as she developed strong memorization skills from studying law.

John Cleese

  • Studied Law at: Downing College, University of Cambridge
  • Renowned comedian and actor John Cleese, famous for his work in “Monty Python” and “Fawlty Towers,” initially joined Cambridge’s Footlights amateur theater club, where he discovered his passion for comedy.

Ben Stein

  • Studied Law at: Yale Law School
  • Before gaining fame as an actor, comedian, and game show host, Ben Stein graduated as valedictorian from Yale Law School. He later taught at the same institution and served as a trial attorney for the Federal Trade Commission.

Geraldo Rivera

  • Studied Law at: Brooklyn Law School
  • American journalist and former lawyer Geraldo Rivera graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1969. He transitioned to journalism after working for a Puerto Rican activist organization, eventually becoming a well-known Fox News host.

Jerry Springer

  • Studied Law at: Northwestern University’s School of Law
  • Television personality Jerry Springer, known for his tabloid talk show, earned a law degree from Northwestern University’s School of Law. His political studies influenced his move into daytime talk TV.

Andrea Bocelli

  • Studied Law at: University of Pisa
  • Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli initially studied law at the University of Pisa but eventually pursued a career in music. Despite his visual impairment, Bocelli’s talent propelled him to become one of the most renowned opera singers worldwide.

Julio Iglesias

  • Studied Law at: Complutense University in Madrid
  • Spanish singer Julio Iglesias began his studies in law but shifted his focus to music after a severe car accident. He became one of the best-selling Latin artists, selling over 100 million records globally.

Josh Saviano

  • Studied Law at: Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University
  • Former child actor Josh Saviano, known for his role in “The Wonder Years,” pursued a law degree at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law after his acting career. He now practices law as an attorney.

Ozzie Nelson

  • Studied Law at: Rutgers
  • American actor and bandleader Ozzie Nelson graduated from Rutgers with a law degree but opted for a career in the entertainment industry. He later created and starred in the radio and television series “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.”

Jeff Cohen

  • Studied Law at: UCLA
  • Former child actor Jeff Cohen, best known for his role in “The Goonies,” pursued a law degree at UCLA after struggling to find consistent acting work. He now practices as an entertainment attorney.

Charlie Korsmo

  • Studied Law at: Yale University
  • Charles Randolph Korsmo, known for his roles in “Dick Tracy” and “Hook,” transitioned from acting to law after studying physics at MIT. He currently serves as a law professor at Case Western Reserve University.

Gerard Butler

  • Studied Law at: University of Glasgow
  • Scottish actor Gerard Butler initially studied law at the University of Glasgow and served as the law society’s president. He later pursued a career in acting, starring in films like “300” and “White House Down.”

Rebel Wilson

  • Studied Law at: University of New South Wales
  • Australian actress Rebel Wilson initially pursued law before transitioning to acting. She earned a law degree from the University of New South Wales and later became known for her roles in “Pitch Perfect” and “Isn’t It Romantic.”

Kim Kardashian

  • Studied: Passed the “baby bar” exam
  • Reality star Kim Kardashian passed the “baby bar” exam and is currently completing her apprenticeship to earn a law degree. She aspires to practice law, following in the footsteps of her late father, and has been active in advocating for prison reform.

These celebrities demonstrate that a law degree can lead to diverse career opportunities beyond the legal field, showcasing the intersection of entertainment and academia in their professional journeys.