Lawsuit Alleges Georgia Doctor Decapitated Baby During Delivery


A lawsuit has been filed against Dr. Tracey St. Julian and Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Georgia, alleging that a baby was decapitated during delivery due to excessive force used by the doctor.

The parents of the infant, Jessica Ross and Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr., along with their attorneys, revealed the distressing details at a press conference held in Atlanta.

Attorney Cory Lynch, representing the devastated family, expressed the tragic turn of events, stating:

“They were so excited about the birth of their first child. Unfortunately, their dreams and hopes turned into a nightmare that was covered up by Southern Regional Medical Center.”

While attempts to reach Dr. St. Julian for comment were unsuccessful, the hospital denied the allegations, emphasizing its commitment to providing quality care to every patient. However, Southern Regional clarified that Dr. St. Julian was not an employee of the hospital and stated that appropriate actions had been taken in response to the situation.

According to the lawsuit, the incident occurred on July 9, when Ross went to Southern Regional Medical Center to deliver her son. The suit alleges that during delivery, the baby became stuck, prompting Dr. St. Julian to apply excessive force on the infant’s head and neck in an attempt to facilitate delivery.

Despite the need for a cesarean section, the surgical procedure was delayed, resulting in a tragic outcome.

Roderick Edmond, another attorney representing the family, highlighted the critical delay in seeking proper medical intervention, which ultimately led to the loss of the baby. The suit contends that the couple’s requests for a cesarean section were denied, even when it could have potentially saved the child’s life.

Moreover, the lawsuit accuses Southern Regional staff of attempting to conceal the decapitation by dissuading the couple from obtaining an autopsy and urging them to proceed with cremation.

This devastating case underscores broader issues concerning maternal and infant mortality rates, particularly among Black women. Ross and Taylor, who did not speak at the press conference, seek justice for their unimaginable loss through legal action.

The lawsuit, which alleges gross negligence, fraud, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, seeks unspecified punitive damages.

The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the profound responsibilities entrusted to healthcare providers and the imperative of upholding patient safety and dignity.