Early Adopters of Legal AI Gaining Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

Image: Illustrations: AI-generated

In the fast-evolving landscape of legal practice, early adopters of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) tools are seizing a competitive edge, revolutionizing traditional workflows and enhancing client outcomes.

The emergence of Gen AI tools tailored for the legal profession has sparked a critical discussion about lawyers’ duty of technology competence and ethical considerations.

With the majority of states incorporating technology competence into their professional conduct rules, lawyers are increasingly obliged to stay abreast of technological advancements, including AI, to maintain their proficiency.

The ethical imperative to embrace AI in legal practice is underscored by its potential to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and improve client service.

Lexis+ AI, a groundbreaking Gen AI platform, stands at the forefront of this transformative shift, offering a suite of cutting-edge tools tailored to legal research, drafting, and summarization.

By harnessing the power of Gen AI technology, early adopters of Lexis+ AI are gaining a distinct advantage in the marketplace, delivering faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive solutions to their clients’ needs.

Here are some key features of Lexis+ AI that are empowering early adopters to stay ahead:

  1. AI That Cites Its Sources: Leveraging extractive AI, Lexis+ AI ensures reliable generative outputs by feeding its large language models with the best available information, enhancing the quality and accuracy of legal research and drafting tasks.
  2. Instant Answers for Legal Questions: Providing a seamless user experience, Lexis+ AI engages users in a dialogue-like interaction, clarifying queries and delivering precise, actionable responses akin to consulting with a knowledgeable colleague.
  3. Generate Documents Reflecting Goals and Strategies: From legal arguments to memoranda and emails, Lexis+ AI generates a diverse range of legal documents tailored to individual style, tone, and nuances, facilitating iterative drafting processes with unparalleled efficiency.
  4. Summarize Materials Without Missing Essentials: Offering succinct overviews of cases, Lexis+ AI’s summarization capability distills key legal holdings, material facts, and court rationale, enhancing productivity and streamlining case analysis.
  5. Maximum Security for Searches: Prioritizing privacy and security, Lexis+ AI ensures robust safeguards for user data, preserving attorney-client privilege and confidentiality in all interactions.

Early users of Lexis+ AI are reporting significant time savings, with large law firms witnessing up to 11 hours per week saved compared to conventional solutions. Notably, Lexis+ AI outpaces competitors in speed and ease of use, delivering answers to legal research queries twice as fast as Westlaw.

By seamlessly integrating Gen AI technology with LexisNexis’s vast repository of legal content, Lexis+ AI is poised to redefine legal research and work product creation, setting a new standard for efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in the legal profession.

To explore the transformative potential of Lexis+ AI and request a free trial, visit www.lexisnexis.com/ai and join the vanguard of legal innovation today.